Real Estate as Best As It Can Be

Real Estate as Best As It Can Be

In expert opinion, this is nothing professional, clearly, so we advise you not to send your photos to any agency that works in this way. That said, we continue to recommend a real estate agency for the sale of your home. Why? The sale of your home is probably one of the most important financial decisions of your life. You should not leave it to chance. Therefore, it is better to see it as an important project for which you should have the best professional help. Now Eric Arnoux Gstaad brings you the best choices available for the same.

You have also taken into account if, do you have time to show the house for sale to all interested parties, or do you have access to all real estate portals? Do you know how to write a legal contract? Do you know how to make sure that the potential buyer is solvent?

Eric Arnoux Gstaad

Of course, there are still very professional real estate agencies in Spain, but it is important to look at your needs to be able to choose well. We offer you below a list of questions that will help you choose an agent to your needs:

Does it leave a good impression? What is your first impression?

Do you like how it treats you? Is it a personal treatment and is your home really interested? Do you answer your email, telephone and have an appropriate office? Do you work in a team or is it just one person? Do you always deal with the same person, or do all the partners in the agency know your property? Can you explain in detail what the steps, contracts, etc. consist of? Remember: it is your personal advisor who has to adjust to your needs and therefore, your personal opinion about him or her is worth a lot.

Can you offer a comprehensive service?

Not only do I need to show your house. It is much more: you have to value or assess the home and know how to do it, know the legal issues, make frequent market studies to check the most competitive price for your property, have knowledge of architecture and structures, you should be able to analyze how are the visits of the property for sale, and should have access to both its own portal, as well as other portals and advertising spaces. You should also be able to offer you a high-quality photo report optionally and it is preferable that you work with an exchange system with other agencies.

Do you apply marketing tools such as Home Staging?

Home Staging is a technique dedicated to the preparation of your home for sale in such a way that it is sold before. It is very logical. If the real estate company uses the services of Home Staging, it means that you care about the state of the homes and how the homes in your portfolio are presented. In addition, he has dedicated time and energy to the formation of his team and is aware of the latest trends. If you also use tools such as open-door sessions, or social networks to sell your portfolio, you are willing to offer the best services to your customers. By the way, working exclusively with real estate means that you will be much more willing to invest in your home and its sale. You have to assess how much you are willing to pay for professionalism.