Real Estate Concepts that Come Up with Lots of Promises

Real Estate Concepts that Come Up with Lots of Promises

Then it is time to design the projects, the plans. It should be clear what the structure and facilities will look like in the final result of the work. You must request some permission so that it is possible to obtain different licenses required by the city hall. From the PureConcept Immobilier you can now expect to have a proper idea.

Design your home: basic design and execution

In this phase, we have to talk about two projects: the basic and the execution. The basic project is to detail the general characteristics of what will be your home. On the other hand, in the execution project, we will see the structural details and technical plans. Immediately after, it’s time to get help from a contractor. After that, it is already possible to start with the construction of the new house.

Remember that the floor area is not the same as the built area.

PureConcept Immobilier

At that time, you will be able to choose a company dedicated to construction or a team of workers who work autonomously. The ideal is to be a multidisciplinary team, so as not to leave any void in the construction works. Each team member will have a particular and specific job.

From land to insurance, through the construction site and the reception of the house: the best weapon for planning your real estate project is to be well informed. All the stages of construction require your attention. Expert Concept summarizes for you the information to know before embarking on your project.

Find out about building land

There are large families of land that can accommodate individual houses: parcels in a subdivision and isolated land known as scattered.

Land in subdivision

They are sold by professionals’ developers and developers or by local authorities as part of municipal subdivisions. These lands are delivered ready to build with the assurance that they are buildable and fitted out to accommodate a detached house with all the necessary connections like water, electricity, gas. Often, you will have to respect the building rules height, area, and orientation, nature of materials defined in the subdivision regulations and imposed by the Town Planning Plan.

Isolated or diffuse land

Diffuse building plots are often offered by individuals and are only subject to the conditions of the town planning plan. These plots are not always serviced and you will, therefore, have to plan additional costs in order to obtain connections to collective equipment water, electricity, gas.

In addition, it is also up to you to check whether this land is buildable or not with the town hall of the municipality which will issue you an operational planning certificate specifying the building rules applicable to your building land. Also, remember to check the number of square meters you can build.

The concept works with land partners to help you find the land that meets your expectations. Commercial agencies have a portfolio of land in the subdivision or in various regions for its future customers, with all the mandatory and necessary papers for the smooth running of your project.

Ask the advisor for advice, to help you find the plot that will accommodate your home. Thanks to our land partners, the latter will find land corresponding to your expectations and will accompany you in your efforts to become the owner of your land.