The Benefits Of Family Mediation

The Benefits Of Family Mediation

Every family has some disputes. And many times it grows so much that an impartial third party person is needed to help in resolving it. Family Mediation could be one of the best ways a family could resolve their disputes among themselves.

Family Mediation

When things go too far in a dispute it’s not always feasible to knock on the doors of a court. Especially, when we are talking about your family. Not only is your reputation tarnished by settling through the court but it could also turn out to be economically disastrous for you. Family mediation has been popular as a way of alternative dispute resolution. The mediator’s role is not that of a judge but a person who helps in coming to resolutions from which both the parties are happy. The mediator is completely impartial and does not take sides. He will always work towards resolving any issues the members of the family have.

Benefits of Family Mediation:

  • Unlike an attorney, the mediator is listening to both sides which helps in resolving the disputes faster.
  • Your family reputation is not tarnished by going into a courtroom and fighting over your personal disputes in public.
  • Hiring lawyers and fighting in the court could be a very costly affair for you. It could end up draining your savings and could put you in huge debt. It will be similar to your partner. While if you go through the mediation route you will only have to pay the fees of the mediator and both the parties could pool in their money instead of having to hire their own personal lawyers.
  • In family mediation, the mediator tries to understand the issues of both the parties and tries to work towards a solution that both parties could agree with. Unlike courts where both the parties are trying to win against each other.
  • Mediation is far less painful than what you will go through in a court and won’t create a permanent bridge between you.
  • Unlike a court, the mediation sessions are very flexible and the mediator tries to cater to both the party’s needs and schedules.
  • In the court, you are at the mercy of the judge while with the mediator both the parties are equally heard.
  • Even if the mediation doesn’t turn out to be a success you will still have benefited immensely from it as there would be many issues that would have been sorted out between both the parties which will help both of you very much later on.

In the end, I would like to say that family mediation is a hundred times better than any other solution you will go with. Mediation allows both parties to communicate equally between them and reach an agreement that works for both of them. Also, it’s always better when you are involved directly in the negotiations instead of your lawyers fighting over your issues. No one can present your problems and disputes better than you. You are always in control of your position and no settlement can be imposed upon you. Family mediation works towards ending the conflict itself instead of trying to win over the other party.