Perfect Translation Services As The Best Choice

Perfect Translation Services As The Best Choice

With a product such as a car, you can rely on external features and specifications. The color, the shape and of course the price play an important role in the choice of a new product. This is not fundamentally different when choosing a service provider such as a translation agency. In the end, it is all about one essential point; it should fit the purpose you have in mind for the translation of your business texts. In a series of three articles, we provide guidance to make your choice for a translation agency easier. For the vertaalbureau this is important.

Go for a professional translator

A professional translator has high education and specializes in a specific field. It may be easy to ask the cousin ‘who speaks fluent Spanish’ for the translation of the company brochure, but does she have the qualifications to provide a good marketing translation for your company brochure? Does she know the specific terms of your organization and market?


For example, a translator who is skilled in translating texts for the automotive industry will not be familiar with texts full of medical jargon. So if you want a professional translation, choose a professional translation supplier. All translators within the Global text ware translation agency have specific qualities due to their training and the knowledge and experience gained.

Research your translation needs

Should certain terminology be used? Who is the target audience for the text? Do you only want to have a manual translated or also your company brochures and your website? Even if you want to have this translated into phases, it is wise to report this to the translation agency. They can then create a glossary and a translation memory for your specific content. It is also important that you know which language your target audience speaks. We regularly experience that a customer requests, for example, a translation from Spanish, French or Chinese. However, there is a big difference in languages, with some languages ​​having different versions. An example is Spanish spoken in South America and Spanish in Europe. A good translation agency is at home in many languages ​​and has a worldwide network. Therefore they are at home in many cultures,

What type of translation agency suits you

Translation agencies come in many shapes and sizes. Do you prefer to do business with a local translation provider so you know you can easily meet? Or do you prefer a large translation agency? Whatever your preference, it is important that you know what quality you can expect from the translation agency.

Let the translation agency ask you questions

An important question that a translation agency must ask you is what the purpose of your translation is. Do you want to use the text for publication, for your website or is the text intended for readers that you must address in different dialects? And so there are many more questions that a translation agency must ask you to provide a good translation.

Find out the payment before the project starts

The price for translations is of course very decisive, but not the most important criterion when you want to select a suitable supplier. Also for translations, every product has its price. Now that you have successfully completed the previous steps, it is time to request a quote. If you want to receive a specified quote, it is necessary that you make the document to be translated available to the translation agency.