Look for Your Options to be At the midtown modern

Look for Your Options to be At the midtown modern

It is not enough to know how many rooms you need and how much the rent should not exceed. Here are the main points to take into account when visiting an apartment. First think about which municipalities you can imagine living in. Consult the websites of the municipalities for an impression of your possible new place of residence. The tax rate and the finances of the municipality an increase in taxes is it planned soon? Security can be another aspect to consider: what is the reputation of the municipality and which social strata does it attract? If you like to swim in the summer, check if there is a municipal swimming pool and how much the entrance costs. At the midtown modern you can find the option that you would prefer.

Computer apartment visit: the direct environment

At first, you can comfortably examine the surroundings from your computer. Look at the location of the new apartment on a map like Google Maps. Check the following points:

  • Where are the nearest bus, tram, or station stops?
  • Where are the nearest shops?
  • Where are the nearest gyms located?
  • Where is a hairdresser, doctor, physiotherapist, dentist, etc.?
  • How far are nurseries, kindergartens and schools?
  • What leisure spaces, such as forests, are easily accessible?

Apartment visit on site: the direct environment

midtown modern

Meet in the area during rush hour or in the evening. The surroundings are different at different times of the day and can reveal disruptive factors you might not notice otherwise. Check the following points:

  • How is the round trip to your work?
  • Where are there traffic jams?
  • Is there a lot of traffic in the area?
  • Is the environment calm or noisy?

If you have a cat: see how many cats are in the area. Examine how far the busiest road is. Ideally, it is 100 meters or more. Do you have an idea of ​​your pet’s new neighborhood: are the surroundings made up of standardized and soulless mini-vegetation or is there something to discover every day?

Apartment visit: the building

Even if it is easy to close the door of your apartment behind you, you are not alone in the building. Therefore, check the following points when visiting the accommodation:

  • What impression does the building make from the outside and on the stairs?
  • Who lives in the building?
  • Are the building and the entrance well lit outside?
  • Is there an elevator?
  • Is there a playground? Is it used a lot and by whom?
  • Find out how many families with children live in the building and how many tenants have cats or dogs.
  • Is access to housing limited by pedestrian zones, streets reserved for deliveries or prohibited areas?
  • Does the accommodation have a garden? Are there any maintenance obligations? Is there a usufruct?
  • Are the lessors’ private owners or a management company?
  • Essential point when buying an apartment: how is the neighborhood, especially the neighbors next door?

Apartment visit: the apartment

When you visit the accommodation, you are confronted with a multitude of impressions. It is therefore recommended to be accompanied by a trusted person during the visit and to photograph the apartment. It is also helpful to bring a checklist to use during the visit. You can be sure not to miss important things because of your enthusiasm.

Make an offer to buy real estate

If you like the property you just visited, make an offer to buy real estate. If the owner accepts it, he will be committed to selling it to you. Make an offer that is consistent with the market in the sector. Otherwise, you risk seeing the owner turning away and refusing to sell you his house or apartment. We also provide you with free models of letters of offer to purchase real estate. The compromise of sale or the promise which will follow will commit you to buy the good except suspense conditions like obtaining the credit. Note that you have a withdrawal period of 10 days which begins the day after the delivery of the compromise by post.