Finer Versions of Social Media Views and Likes

Finer Versions of Social Media Views and Likes

If the number of fans increases, you will pass your competitors in terms of numbers and in terms of numbers only. Yes, but at what price? Isn’t this just a big scam? If a company is positioning itself seriously on Facebook today, this should not be a fad, but rather to obtain precise results: in terms of turnover, increase in its number of prospects, customers, etc. As you Buy Social Signals ┬áthe options widen.

The purchase of Facebook fans here makes me think of those laughs pre-recorded in certain television series which are intended to cause laughter in the viewer. These laughs are of course exaggerated and are not sincere: we click on a button and they appear as if by magic. The whole question is to know if these laughs, certainly fake, will cause the spectator the same reaction. Will he, in turn, laugh in front of his screen will he be driven by the group effect?

Because the goal is not to make people laugh that you pay, but to make the spectator laugh. It is the same with Facebook: by paying, we do not seek the engagement of forced profiles, but that of qualified prospects.

Where to buy likes?

French-speaking sites specializing in the sale of likes and Facebook fans are booming. The wave straight from the United States is sweeping through us and does not seem ready to stop.

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Among the best-known sites, we can find:

  • com
  • net
  • co

Take the example of this last site: prices vary according to different offers: 20 $ for 50 Facebook fans; $ 30 for 1000; and up to $ 135 for 5,000 fans for the highest package. Delivery is expected in just a few days and the service is guaranteed for one year. However, all this remains very obscure: no references, no explanation on the method used and no information on the company in question. One may be skeptical about the service provided.

Bostic’s case

Boosting is a textbook example and illustrates this new wave of marketing, which is sometimes fuzzy and which is shaking up the web today. An article tells us about this company which offers Twitter Likes, Fans and Followers to interested parties individuals and professionals on the Internet. The article highlights the questionable, deceptive and even illegal practices of Bostic.

Among the “best”:

  • Illegal display of advertising in the Paris metro
  • The general conditions of sale and the confidentiality charter are vulgar copy-paste of those of Google.
  • Even worse: no trace of the company at the trade and companies register.

The site was closed for a long time, before reappearing recently. We know that Facebook takes a very dim view of these Likes and Fans sellers, as they directly compete with the network’s official marketing and its news and page promotion systems.


On many forums, you can read reviews and tests of people who, like you and me, were once tempted to buy Facebook Likes. So what about it? Does it really work, or is it all just a big scam? Take for example the blog of Matthieu Ladiray, site manager of TacTicWEB who tested for us the purchase of Facebook fans.


Having subscribed to a basic offer linked to a promotional offer, he buys 1,000 Fans for 49 $. Result: 4 days later, he received the 1,000 Fans as agreed on his TicTacWEB page on Facebook. However, he notes that all the Fans are foreigners, that none interacts on his page.