Yes to Long Sleeves


When I first started to work on 2016’s collection I had a very clear idea that one of the master lines we’d follow were long sleeve dresses. Want to know why? Because they are not exclusively for winter brides and more and more women choose them everyday for their beauty and elegance.

Long sleeves are perfect for outdoor weddings. That way one can be prepared for chilly weather. You can even add a jacket in the same style of the dress depending on the season to get a spectacular look.

They add that different touch that is trending worldwide for its elegance: it elongates your figure and creates that romantic and fairytale vibe that I always aim for with my designs.

In the 2016 collections we included up to 10 long sleeve dresses and some others with half sleeves of which we will be writing in future posts. I’m seriously considering raising those numbers for 2017 although it may seem far away yet.


Inside the Romantic collection we included Trato a dress with a jacket that really fits and merges with the main piece. The sleeves are made with tulle, a gorgeous fabric if combined (like on this model) with embroidered floral motifs. A perfect option if you want the feminine and ethereal look.


On the other hand our Couture line offers more flexibility and it’s the line with more long sleeve dresses in it. I especially like the model Treza with its wonderful cape, far away from the standard ideal of a wedding dress. The cape is made with guinpur which works really well on every season.

Some other models in the Couture line that follow these concepts that you may like are Keres, Tenua or Tallo. I’m sure they’ll make you feel perfect on your wedding day.


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