What Should I Do With My Hair?

There’s a question every bride asks herself once she decided on her dress, shoes and accessories… What Should I Do With My Hair? Let’s try and find an answer.

Hair style is a very relevant aspect for your wedding day. It’s the perfect ally to make your look shine and wow everyone. So making the right decision is a must.

There are plenty of options to choose from but your type of hair, the shape of your face and the style of your dress will dictate which one should it be. There are no better or worse hairdos. Just pick the one that enhances all your wonderful features 🙂

Let’s check some of my favorite options that I really hope will inspire you for your W day 🙂

Hair Down

It’s always great when a bride has energetic long hair and goes for the hair down and catches everyone’s eye. Besides, it fits both straight and curly hair so no obstacles in the quest for gorgeousness. Try adding a headdress to complete this look with your personal touch.

hair wedding

Updos and Buns

Let’s completely change the direction. Updos and buns are trending (when have they not?). It’s one of the classic choices for brides. Never goes out of fashion! In addition there are several versions or upgrades of the classic bun: you could dishevel it a bit, build it with braids, use flowers or wear an ornament or barrettes.

One of its variations I actually love: semi-updos. It’s a perfect style if you are aiming for the boho-chic look. I can imagine you wearing a CALA Collection dress.

hair wedding


If you are going for elegant and classic the answer is braids. There are as many versions as women. We already spoke about a braided bun or updo but there are also intertwined braids, side braids, decorated with flowers, faking a headband, loose braids… I could go on but the list is neverending  🙂

hair wedding

Shoulder Lenght and Short hair

Last but not least here are some options for short hair. You could wear a bob with waves and go down the vintage road. Choose a pixie cut and finish it with a headband or a crown with short veil and you will look amazing. Some 20’s and 40’s cuts are really trending nowadays.

hair wedding

Decisions, decisions. But in the end all you need to look is confident and free. Leave everyone with their mouth open! Because you are already perfect the way you are:) Be #CustomMade

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