Wedding at a Beach? Cala Colecction + Tips

Surely more than once you’ve thought about getting married at a beach. I love the idea.

Such a magical place will add romance and nature to your union. Just think about it for a second: the sound of the waves, the smell of the sea, a vibrant sunset and the perfect temperature… and what about no heels? That way you can feel the touch of the sand on your feet.


I want to give you some advice I consider to be key when it comes to a wedding beach

First you’ll need to set the time. In my opinion sunset is the ideal time. The right temperature, an intimate atmosphere and a great color pallette in the horizon for your wedding pictures.

Next is the infrastructure you’ll need: power, bathrooms, kitchen, catering, sound system…

Don’t forget to get the permit from the town hall on which the beach is. You may have to contact higher public offices depending how much space you want to use.

If yours is a civil wedding there won’t be any problems but if you choose a religious one you may find some resistance when it comes to taking the wedding out of the religious temple. Please take the tides into account!


You could be thinking it’s too complicated. In that case there are restaurants and hotels that offer this service if you celebrate the feast with them. They will take care of the bureaucracy I mentioned before.  

And what about the dress??

Fear not. When I designed the Cala Collection I had all of you who want a beach wedding in mind.

Let me explain it. Wedding dresses for celebrations at the beach need to be lighter, fresh and relaxed. Thus we use light fabrics like tulle, silk and plain or embroidered mesh.

You can choose a short dress that will let you move freely and feel more comfortable. However I understand it’s difficult to say no to a classic long dress so I focused on those. The line that works better with these dresses is straight or empire although I love mermaid silhouettes adding elegance while remaining comfortable.


Color? In this case I’d go for white since it’ll shine and highlight your tanned skin.


I feel like it’s unnecessary to use heels with these dresses. A nice pair of sandals with a touch of jewelry will make you look astonishing. But if you can’t resist, a pair of esparto wedges are the perfect solution.

I almost forgot! The hairdo I’d choose would be an updo to avoid your hair to get tangled.  Add a floral touch to pin the updo and you will look gorgeous.

Are you in for a wedding at the beach?

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