Villais Test: Marieta of Quiero una boda perfecta -I Want a Perfect Wedding-

Today we speak with Marieta from Quiero una boda perfecta (I Want a Perfect Wedding). I was eager to read her answers to the #VillaisTest.

Marieta’s work is wonderful and inspires brides and professionals at the same time. Her blog is a key reference and I love everything she does but what I love above all is her passion and dedication.. I simply love it!

1. First things first. Your dream wedding takes place… in daytime or nighttime?
I got married in daytime and it was perfect, but the option of having an outdoors evening or night wedding and being able to decorate it with light garlands really seduces me.

detail of wedding book

2. Spring, summer, autumn or winter? Every season has its charm.
I like Spring for weddings but Winter ones with warm elements appeals to me more and more everyday.

3. Some of the most spectacular weddings of these past months had a full sleeve wedding as the star. What’s your take on that? Yes or no to full sleeve bridal gowns?
Of course yes, I think they provide elegance to the bride and adds class, femininity and sophistication.

4. White will always be white, the color of brides. Is it changing or will it still be the most chosen color?
White will keep on being the main color for the dress. Very few brides dare to change the color completely and choosing to use small colored details is the answer for those more risk taking brides.

5. What item should never be missing from a bride’s wedding day emergency kit?
Let’s see… Kleenex are a must, no doubt about it, so that you can cry your happiness out. 

6. Bachelorette party with friends or with your couple? 😉
I choose with friends like on a reunion or a dinner sharing secrets, a spa, a beauty treatment, a good talk… Every idea is good for a girls night out.

7. Time for one of the most sensitive decisions for brides: the hairstyle: updo, braids, down? Which one do you prefer?
Prior to making that decision you must know what dress you will be wearing to your wedding. Depending on it you can make that decision on updos or hair down. It’s a tough one but I must confess I love updos with braids.

8. Headdresses?
It depends on the headdress. Not every headdress is perfect for a wedding. Not all of them fit all of the dresses so is a decision on the whole look. If I had to choose my favorite headdresses brand it would be Suma Cruz.

9. Would you say veils would still be a trend on 2016 dresses?
2016 brings back veils as a trend for the season. We’ll see a lot brides wearing them this year.

10. Who is the designer that left a bigger mark on you?
I’ve always admired Jordi Dalmau because he reinvents brides with every new design he makes, he’s an artist. But I,ve also leaned towards Pronovias, the Catalonian brand, since they have transformed their style and designs these past years and they made the right call.

Marieta reading a wedding magazine

11. A trend for 2016 no one should miss on their wedding…
The colors quartz pink and serenity blue by Pantone are perfect to add a touch of color on the bride and the wedding decoration. But the trend I really like the most are two piece dresses, specially with a crop top as a fantastic choice for a daring yet feminine look.

12. Pick a dress from Villais or CALA…
The model Tallo really caught my eye from the collection Villais Couture with its v-necks and transparent full sleeves. It’s a mermaid style dress with a transparent train and a central godet.

It’s great to read so many great insights, Marieta has a gift to see a little bit further than the rest. I hope these ideas serve as inspiration for you as much as they did for me.

Thank you very much, Marieta… Always a pleasure!

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