Villais Barcelona Milan

It’s been awhile since I wanted to tell you about my experiences at the international exhibitions Villais attended. However I couldn’t do it since most of the weddings take place in summer
and the workload skyrockets around those dates with all the fittings and mendings. But finally I’ve been able to make some time.

At the beginning of May I had the honor of attending one of this business’ most important shows: Barcelona Bridal Week, where dozens of designers and professionals from all around the world showed their latest work. It was a strong bet for both Villais and me as a designer because it meant working really hard to meet the deadline and be able to show our new collections: CALA Brides from Ibiza and the 2015 collection truffled with novelties. It took many hours of studio work, drawing, sewing and tests… I was a bag of nerves! Fortunately everything went smoothly and the new proposals we had to show had an excellent welcome. Numerous distributors, both national and international, showed their interest and all the previous word was rewarded.

On the last week of May we travelled to Milan which is one of Europe’s, or even World’s most important cities for design, where Si’Sposa Italia was taking place. Like in Barcelona, several bridal design professionals were there to exchange ideas, proposals and forge new commercial bonds. For it’s at exhibitions where we can see each other and benefit from direct contact thus making our job easier.

It’s always exciting to release a new collection. Would CALA Brides from Ibiza and the 2015 collections get a good welcome? Would we get enough visibility amongst so many competitors? We did! Actually a lot of companies contacted us and we were able to explain our concepts and show the new models to them. I don’t know if success is the right word but we came back home really satisfied with all the work.

I’m looking forward to working with the new dresses and watch sensible women like you wear them at real weddings like yours and being proud of my work.

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