Underskirt: A Must for Your Wedding Dress

Most brides hesitate when it comes to wearing an underskirt with their dress.

While it seems necessary with evasé or princess style dresses, is it so with more fit designs?

Mermaid style dresses don’t always require the use of this accessory although it really depends on the type of fabric the dress is made of. For example dresses made with silk lack fullness, drop a bit too much and adhere to your silhouette and will look way better if you wear an underskirt.  


An Underskirt for Each Dress

Other models, depending on the fullness you seek for your skirt, must be used with different types of underskirt:
– To achieve fullness use an underskirt with overlapped flounces. The effect you get with it can be seen on the following picture.


– On the other hand if what you need is for your dress not to be too tight around your legs and hips, we suggest a underskirt with hoops on its outlines.

– And if you decide to wear a short dress, go for a layered fabric underskirt to add movement to your skirt.


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