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How 2016 treating you? We are really excited! Although I won’t deny January is quite the chaotic month for us.

We’re just finishing with the new collections last touches. V-neck or strapless neckline? Full or short sleeves? These are the kind of decision we make as a team. One more thing we attend to is the names of the new dresses. And we have to confess: we are launching a new collection to join the already existing VILLAIS and CALA. Its name is COSMO (more on it on future posts) ?

In addition, January is the month on which we decide which trade shows we are going to unveil our new collections. The first we’ll be attending to is European Bridal Week in Essen, Germany. The German is one of our best selling markets, specially for the dresses of the CALA Brides from Ibiza collection which received a warm welcome.

This show will take place late April and will be the first one to see the latest VILLAIS and CALA collections and the first models of the new line: COSMO. We’re eager to be there and more so after we were happily surprised to see a piece on Villais on the show’s official newsletter. I’d highlight this quote: “The collections they’ll (for us) be presenting are such a delight, vibrant, exciting and different”. A million thanks to them for their words.

viva espana

Next Shows

After launching our new collections in Essen, next step will be Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week on the first weekend of May. Last stop will be back in Germany where we’ll be attending INTERBRIDE – Internacional Fashion Fair Düsseldorf 25th through 27th of June.

I’m already counting the days left until I can tell you more specific details about the new collections. I’ll keep you posted ? XOXO

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