Ease and simplicity. Quality over quantity.

Those are the keys of the latest trend for organising and celebrating your wedding!

The objective? To slow down the pace of life, prioritise personal relationships and enjoy every moment of preparation.

Remember, you’re getting married for love and not to satisfy anybody but the two of you.



Slow wedding breaks protocols and labels to leave your guests open-mouthed.

Your wedding must be a reason to enjoy yourself and to do so with gusto, not a cause for worry which stresses you out on such a special day.

It’s about choosing how you want your wedding to be and, above all, how you want to experience it, but always at your own pace!

What’s more, this trend is associated with low cost: avoiding spending a lot of money in order to invest in love and kindness. This way, the wedding will be focused on the most important thing, the two of you!


Now we’re getting down to business… Let’s begin!


If there’s one thing which characterises a Slow wedding, it’s celebrating it outdoors, like in a garden, a beach, a vineyard, a field or a forest.

inspiracion-2 inspiracion wedding_couple_groom_bride_love_kiss_sea_big_day-736330


Just let your imagination run free without any stress!

Also, as these are such natural places, high heels won’t be your friends that day. I would opt for sandals or flat shoes, wedges or even barefoot should you decide to celebrate on a sandy beach.



I know what you’re wondering… What about the dress? What is it like for this new concept?

I can tell you that comfort takes priority over ornate designs, but that it should reflect you and you should feel yourself whilst wearing it.

I would go for dresses from the Cala, Cosmo City Bride or Love by Villais collections, with neither corset nor cancan, opting for something simple. Here are some examples to give you an idea:

calaCala Collection

vestido-de-novia-urbano-cosmo-2018-dhaka-01Cosmo City Bride Collection


loveLove Collection


In terms of hair and makeup, go for something subtle and simple, too, achieving a natural look.

Nude and light tones will be your best allies. Don’t overdo it. And, in your hair, a crown of flowers or a loose plait will look stunning on you.



The decoration should be natural, but always reflecting your personality. You can go for pallets, straw, wooden benches with vintage and country-esque touches…

And, of course, flowers, plants, pine cones or trees, ideal!

wedding_bride_knife_table_pinecone-39941 wedding_groom_glass_pinecone_table-39915 wedding_party_bunting_flags_tableware-102699


Your guest list should include the important people, those closest to you.


Decide who you really want to be there and send them an invitation with all of your love. If it’s personalised, even better!





Never mind protocols or making a good impression. There’s no need! For this reason, remind them that the important thing is that they feel comfortable, without labels or protocols.

Their presence is all that is needed.

And, of course: They should sit wherever they wish!



I’m sure a banquet with healthy food from the area, or the couple’s favourite dish, will be a real hit.

party-2751757_1920 photo-1215552


I recommend a restaurant close to the celebration venue or, if you decide to have it all outside, maybe some tables to eat at in a more informal manner. This idea favours conversation and the relationships between your guests.

The most important thing is that everybody feels that they are participating, and that you feel as close and surrounded as possible.



Finally, remember that you don’t have to stick to the meal times of lunch or supper, you can choose brunch or a relaxed aperitif, it’s super original and your guests will never forget it!

With all of this, I hope to have helped you with this new concept which is breaking all of the moulds and, what’s more, which favours your economy.


And… in case you’re still in doubt… I’ll summarise:

  • Do what you really fancy and whatever you feel comfortable with.
  • Avoid rushes and protocols. It’s your wedding, you decide!



But, above all:

Remain calm and put your heart into your wedding!



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