Short wedding gowns. Do or Don’t

cala 2016 saria

When it comes down to wedding dresses, to each his own. I remember the first time I presented a short wedding dress. It wasn’t groundbreaking but it ended above the knee and I thought it wouldn’t succeed. We put it on the brochure to see how adventurous brides were.

Tastes have changed since then. On those times most of the weddings followed traditional and religious rules and brides wore classic cut dresses. Nowadays with civil ceremonies and other changes brides have more room to choose a different dress.

Let’s not fool ourselves: I can’t imagine a bride walking down the aisle of a 14th century gothic church wearing overalls or a shirt and trousers. I mean, I can imagine it but the venue would be so impressive that the clothes would fade into the background. And no bride would want that on such a big day.

However a short dress with a more creative cut is perfect for a civil ceremony or an outdoors wedding. With that idea on my mind I start creating the short dresses in my collections: original, new and creative like CALA Brides from Ibiza to provide a solution for those who seek something different.

cala 2016 aura

In that collection there is the model AURA. It’s a two piece dress: short overalls in off white crepe with a pleated high neckline and a creative opening shaped like a teardrop. It also has a detachable train open on the front with flounces of different fabrics. Like it? It’s one of my favorites 🙂

cala 2016 hawaii

Another CALA dress that I love is short plain dress with see through lace, boat neckline and semi open back with guinpur decorations. A simple dress that emanates beauty.

My recommendation is to make a decision based on the type of ceremony. You can also decide the other way around and choose the venue to match the dress of your dreams. As always: Be #CustomMade ?


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