You still have time. Find the perfect valentine’s gift

It may seem 2017 just began a couple days ago. Yet, Valentine’s Day is upon us again! Do you have any plans? Maybe you are short on time and trying to find something last minute. Unless you are one of the lucky ones that live on an eternal Valentine’s Day. Either way, a present is never a bad idea 😉

Don’t panic. I have some ideas for you to make a last second save!

Spa Day

Release all the built up tension. That way you’ll surely get to (the far away) Easter Holidays strong and well rested. No problem if you are in “low cost mode”. Here’s what you need: some candles, smooth music, a warm foamy water filled bathtub and the skills to fit the two of you inside a tiny space. Nothing matters when you are in love, does it?



Find a beautiful restaurant or cook dinner yourself. Whichever you may choose it’ll be a great excuse to make a toast to your love.



If you are the adventurous type and seek adrenalynn highs there’s no better choice than to jump out of a plane together. Then bond you create will be even stronger than before and you’ll have a great time.



On the other hand, if you are not into extreme activities there’s always a plan B. Find a remote cabin in the woods or a secluded cove. Any destination will be perfect if the two of you are together away from routine.

A Couple Of Young Couple Kiss Sunset Kissing Love

Netflix and Chill

Everyone knows that after Christmas your credit cards might be still a little afraid to come out of your purse so a stay at home plan can save the occasion for you. A romantic movie and some cuddling under the cozy blanket is the answer. Enjoy!


Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to celebrate your love. But keep in mind the best present there is is spending quality time together.

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