Villais Test: Noelia Santacreu from Bodas con Love

Bodas con Love Noelia Santacreu

I’m thrilled to bring you another Villais Test!

Today it’s Noelia Santacreu’s turn, from Bodas con Love. If you still haven’t seen her work better hurry up, you are going to love it as much I do.

Noelia and her team work in wedding design, organization and planning and they are really good at it. They’ll make your dream wedding a reality! That’s the reason I’m glad to listen to her opinions. Even more so because their take on weddings is really similar to ours. It’s very #CustomMade.

1. First things first. Your dream wedding takes place… in daytime or nighttime?
Nighttime, full of little lights to recreate the stars and candles everywhere.

2. ¿Spring, summer, autumn or winter?
I can say without a doubt that Summer is my favorite season but it’s difficult to pick one for a wedding. All of them have their charm.

3. Some of the most spectacular weddings of these past months had a full sleeve wedding as the star. What’s your take on that? Yes or no to full sleeve bridal gowns?
It really depends on the season the wedding takes place and of course on the type of wedding and bride. Best thing is always to stick to your own personal style and try to be as natural as you can that day. Otherwise the bride will feel she’s wearing  a costume.

4. White will always be white, the color of brides. Is it changing or will it still be the most chosen color?
White is the go to color when it comes to weddings although we see brides taking more risks and get to see different colors.

5. What item can never be missing from a bride’s wedding day emergency kit?
A backup pair of shoes and a makeup bag to take care of the makeup along the day.

Sonia Santacreu of Bodas con Love

6. Bachelorette party  with friends or with your couple? 😉
With friends of course. I love the idea of getting together with all those friends you don’t see a lot and live a great week of memories and activities to fit everyone’s tastes: a wine tasting, a spa day, a cooking class or an adventure weekend.

7. Time for one of the most sensitive decisions for brides: the hairstyle: updo, braids, down? Which one do you prefer?
The same as with the dress the best thing to do is to be yourself and natural so if I have to choose I’d go for a semi updo for the ceremony and banquet and then the hair down for the party.

8. Headdresses?
Absolutely, I love headdresses whether they are natural flowers or even jewely ones.

9. Would you say veils would still be a trend on 2016 dresses?
Yes but only for religious ceremonies. I love brides wearing veils!

10. Who is the designer that left a bigger mark on you?
That’s a tough one but I must choose one I’d say the one that better defines my character and style is Otaduy or Laure de Sagazan.

11. A trend for 2016 no one should miss on their wedding…
Botanical and bohemian. The more natural and simpler the more beautiful it’d be.

12. Pick a dress from Villais or CALA…
Both collections are divine but I pick the CALA collection, specially the Hawai and Symi models.

That was great! A real pleasure to have you here for our Villais Test. And if you still don’t know Bodas con Love don’t miss their work. It’s really interesting.

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