Custom Made Women

real women

I read this article recently about sexist advertising and the beauty standards created by the media and I started thinking. I’ve always understood my mission as a designer is not to create wedding gowns for mannequins or supermodels. My job is to create dresses for real women, dresses that are both unique and exclusive.

But, how are these “real women”? It’s precisely in this question wherein lies the problem in my opinion. It is not possible to define how women are since every woman is different from all others and that difference, that inequality, is what we must learn to appreciate, see and enjoy. Diversity makes us an attractive and special gender.

I design my original wedding dresses for each and every woman to feel gorgeous in it. I design them so that when they see themselves in the mirror they feel like a princess: unique and the most beautiful woman in the whole world! I don’t mind the weight and height of the woman in front of me because that’s what my hands, my expertise, my knowledge, my dresses and the tries and fixes we make are for: to make it happen!

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