There are people who change history without realizing. One of them was Andy Warhol. I’m a real fan of his work!! I’ll tell you a secret, before I started designing I used to draw…Comics!!
What I love of Warhol are his paintings and the quotes he left behind. For example, “Art is what you can get away with”. I often think about it when I’m analyzing one of my finished works: what stays inside the workshop, inside my own is part of the process, however, what is shown to the rest can be considered art.

Warhol knew how to adapt his creations to the consumer society in which he lived. He blended his way of working with other artists’ works and he also knew to innovate, to break with the previous art without forgetting where it came from.
I like Warhol’s quotes; I like his philosophy, his way of being in the world and his ability to be inside the eye of the hurricane for so long. He is one of the 21st century icons and he deserves it.


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