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You made up your mind. You want an intimate and small wedding! Perfect. Let’s work on the decorations.

The first thing you need to do is take a walk inside your house. How much junk do you have around? Don’t throw it away! We are going to learn how to recycle some objects into creative decorations for your wedding day and take care of the environment (two birds with one stone).

Do you have any cans or jars laying around? Use sackcloth, a bow and some flowers and there you go: perfect centerpieces for your tables or chairs.

creativity Custom Made

Now let’s use all the wooden boxes you’ve hoarded throughout the years :). Start by aging them (some varnish could be just what you need) and they will look spectacular. Arrange some different shaped and sized boxes and put vases with flowers, a picture of you two, your favourite books or films… Whatever comes to mind. Now you have the entrance to the banquet ready.

creativity Custom Made

As you can see with some imagination any common object from your place or your friends’ could have a use and make your wedding have that distinctive “je ne sais quoi” you are looking for. Long live creativity! Be #CustomMade 🙂

creativity Custom Made

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