A Whale’s Tooth, a Fistful of Almonds and Some Other Wedding Traditions

 Wedding Traditions

I really love discovering customs and traditions for weddings from other cultures and countries. In Spain we have some like tossing the bouquet, the first dance after the banquet and many more. But lately I’ve been researching different cultures and I’m going to leave you with your mouth wide open!

However in Fiji when the groom asks for the bride’s hand in marriage he must go to his future father-in-law’s house with a whale’s tooth. A whale’s tooth! I presume it symbolizes bravery and resources to feed and take care of a family but that’s just my guess. Do you have a better guess?

I read that in Mauritius the brides contrary to being on a diet before the wedding like we usually do, start gaining weight: the higher the weight, the bigger the happiness. Tradition says that way the groom will be well fed. Perhaps that’s the origin of conquering men through their stomachs. 🙂

In China the bride’s family take her to the groom’s house. But they do it in a pretty peculiar way: on a well decorated chair… carrying her in the air. On her way there she’s protected by parasols and they they throw rice at her as a symbol of health and prosperity.

A little closer to Spain, in Greece, the best man acts as a barber and shaves the groom with a razor. In addition, the mother-in-law gives him almonds and honey. It’s all part of a purity, fertility and happiness ritual.

 Wedding Traditions

If you like to follow traditions and rituals, legend has it that you’ll find love and everlasting love and joy beside your soulmate 🙂

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