Back to business after a well deserved vacation. However don’t you think I’ve been laying on a beach somewhere. More like updating concepts, doing some magazines, books and online reading. I always use Christmas time to catch up because day to day work barely allowes me to let ideas rest or investigate as much as I’d like.

These past weeks I’ve been lucky enough to fully quench my curiosity. It’s served me to go back to the creative process with nothing but paper and pen. No computer. I’ve started sketching some ideas that may very well end up in next years collection. Who knows?

During the process of creation of CALA Brides from Ibiza I let myself go into a completely free creative state. It allowed me to discard preconceived ideas and work with fabrics, combinations, textures and mixes I’d never done before. Amidst all that freedom I wanted to design a short dress. It’d been on my mind for some time but could never fit it into a collection.

Short wedding dresses. Trend for 2015

This year, short dresses and miniskirts won’t be an exception and will be something usual in bridal fashion. Girls seek comfortable fresh designs more and more everyday, something that lets them feel themselves and not some woman in disguise. They want to see themselves looking back in the mirror. That’s what we’ve named our #CustomMade philosophy.

In the collection #CALA Brides from Ibiza there were two short skirt designs:


Andro a fresh and youthful bridal dress with a lot of success between young brides. It has a draped tulle bodice and tulle layered skirt which is the protagonist of this design. Layered tulle caught my attention but I couldn’t fully get the most of it.



The second short skirt model with a huge success for 2015 weddings is Capri. Capri is a short, daring dress not usually seen on brochures.  It’s made with lace, transparent boat necklines and open flounce on the shoulders. It’s perfect for outdoors, vintage and out-of-the-norm weddings.


I want to use this occasion to wish you a happy 2015. It will surely be a magical year for Villais and #CALA and that pushes me to non-stop sketching to plan a give next year’s collection a strong concept essence. More details to come very soon <3 <3

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