Do guest posts still work For Link Building?

Do guest posts still work For Link Building?

Do you struggle to build links to your new website? There are many experts who suggest tactics used 5-10 years ago by them, such as guest blogging. Those tactics are no longer effective today. One such method is guest posting, which has not been as effective as it once was. While many choose to go this route, does guest posting actually produce high-quality backlinks?

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Backlinks can be built in other ways than through guest posting. This is a time-consuming process and sometimes you will not get a response or you will be asked to pay. Additionally, you have to give away valuable content that could otherwise benefit your website.

The ineffectiveness of guest posting for link building for new websites extends beyond time wasted and the risk of Google penalties.

Rules apply to webmasters:

Guest posting guidelines vary from blog to blog that accepts guest posts. Guest posting for link-building outreach is almost never limited to one blog, so create multiple blog versions and track them.

You also need to supply images, bylines, Gravatars, LinkedIn profiles; the list goes on and on. And all that for a single backlink!

Can guests post-build backlinks?

Once we have covered a guest blogger’s perspective, let us assume that we are a blogger who actually accepts guest posts. After discussing some reasons why your guest post will not be accepted, we will look at some reasons why they will not accept your pitch.

1. Their website’s tone is different from yours.

The style of writing is important to bloggers. Bloggers must align their content with their audience even with top-notch grammar and content quality.

2. It takes a lot of time to publish guest posts.

Your guest post topic and concept may appeal to some bloggers, but editing takes time. In theory, guest posting reduces their writing responsibilities to some extent. It may not be as easy to edit their blog as to respond to yours if it’s easier to write your own.

3. Every day, they receive too many requests for blog posts.

There is no shortage of high-domain website options. There are tons of guest posting requests every day, so yours might just get lost with all the others, followed by being deleted a week later.

Each requester can have their domain authority checked quickly, so emails from low-DA websites can be missed.

4. Every guest-blogging template they know by now.

Guest posting email templates are recommended by every SEO expert. Each blogger who accepts a guest post receives tons of emails, all copied exactly, with different signatures.

Your personalization is obvious to them. These days, outreaching for guest posts has become too market-like for these sites, so they simply don’t care unless you’re willing to pay for one or you already have high domain authority.


Despite writing a lot about guest postings as a form of link building, I am not opposed to them.

Once your authority on your website grows, you will need to write guest posts. Guest posts are not just for traffic or backlinks, they also help you build your brand.

You need to use more effective link-building methods before you reach your destination than guest blogging until you get there. To purchase backlinks visit: