Why choose an SEO Expert?

An SEO manager can sometimes get your website higher in Google’s search results through a few simple adjustments, and sometimes through a few more radical changes. This allows you to get a lot of extra free traffic to your website. The dao tao seo manager is your best bet in this task.

There are many views on how to get search engines higher in Google’s search engines. A true SEO manager will mainly look for methods to attract the right visitors. So these are the people who are interested in your service, product or information.

Another reason for choosing someone who knows about search engine optimization is that there are also techniques that work in the short term, but in the long term can cause you to be punished by Google. This can even result in complete removal from the search results.

These techniques are also called spam or black-hat SEO. A good SEO person will always avoid these techniques and ensure long-term results. He, therefore, focuses on what is best for his / her client’s company.

How do you choose a specialist in SEO?

What should you look out for if you want to hire a specialist in search engine optimization? Unfortunately, no official documents are stating whether someone is a professional. So first look at his website. This should, of course, look good, be open, and preferably share useful information.

The alarm bells must ring if the so-called manager offers to register your website for more than 500 search engines. This is not necessary at all nowadays and is more like someone who abuses the ignorance of his customers.

You also have to watch out for guarantees for positions. SEOs cannot give guarantees because Google determines the positions and not them. Anyone who gives guarantees is more likely to take risks with spam techniques or choose keywords that can be easily scored, but which the client hardly delivers.

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So start an exploratory conversation and see if the SEO specialist is interested in your company, what your objectives are how you distinguish yourself from your competitors, and even more things at the company level.

What does an SEO manager cost?

The prices of an SEO manager can vary enormously. An analysis of a website by a good SEO specialist is usually between 500 and 1000 dollars. This is for the advice that still needs to be followed or implemented by yourself (via a CMS system) or by the website builder or editors.

The hourly price of an SEO manager varies between 65 dollars per hour to 200 dollars per hour, excluding VAT (in the US you will find even crazier amounts up to $ 1000 per hour). What is the difference? Like in many markets: supply and demand.


The goal of search engines like Google is to show the best websites for a specific search. This provides a lot of extra attention without having to pay fees every time. Hiring a good SEO specialist, therefore, ensures that your website gets long-term attention from people who are also looking for you. The question is therefore not what an SEO manager costs you, but what it can bring you.