What are all the reviews about Linktree from premium users?

What are all the reviews about Linktree from premium users?

While gathering some pros and cons from customers who have experienced both the free version and also the pro version, which some people have said that they would face a few lacking at the end of the day, this issue is not only in the pro version. It is facing in the free version too. There are many Linktree alternative available online, like Linkin. Bio, bio, FM, etc., in a shot, many of these online sites are the carbon copies of all your Instagram profile. As mentioned above, the websites would help the users add youtube videos with their links, buttons, and different aspects.

Will the application allow cancelling premium in between the end date?

While seeing the shorby site while using this site, it shows some slick and has a lot of customization while it has rich visual aspects. But this could be costlier than link tree. If the pro version of link tree cost up to six dollars, it would be nine dollars for a month. It is better to choose the monthly subscription for any of the sites because, in any case, they might be a new site launch, and the new site will have better options while comparing to your current locations. So always, while getting the pro version of any of the link-related sites, choose a monthly subscription plan.

Linktree alternative

And the other important thing is your link managing system should be applicable for both options like laptop and mobile phones. If you see a few sites adaptable to laptops and while using mobile phones, the sites will not be set correctly. For some people who are looking for a simple way to link several different places, then for you, it is enough to use the free version of the link tree, and you will not face harm while using it. And some people who are not set to the linktree free solution then use the bio—FM to get some additional free options that mean other customizing options.

How the word press would differ from linktree and shortly?

Besides these both sites, you can check the word press option; it is also a completely free platform for those users. We know that in linktree, only the people after getting the pro version can change the theme and font. But in WordPress, will provide a free platform for adjusting the theme of the site. Check and compare the normal and pro version of word press. If your expectations have been fulfilled by the pro version, they are charging only twenty-three dollars as a yearly subscription. Including the customer’s domain name, they can have a completely custom landing page. The trade-off here is that the user will spend a decent amount of time getting it all set up. But the disadvantage is you will be convenient like linktree or else the shorby. By the subscription rate, we can differentiate the need that means while in word press, they are giving only the yearly subscriptions, and that is why they are harder to design pages. And still, linktree has more users in linktree. This is how the linktree differs from shortly.