Things that are restricted and not while moving

Things that are restricted and not while moving

Many countries around us are very strict and they never allow a few items to their places. In that Netherland is one of the countries there are many beautiful places to visit and as well they have some strict rules to work with. Some items can be taken along with us and some should not. If those are with us they will be under the block list of that country once we catch by the airport police. That block list cause that we cannot able to move to that country more than that. Along with that, the people will be under custody. To avoid such a situation this article helps you to understand all about the rules. Verhuisservice naar Nederland  is under the rules.

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Here, we are going to see the restricted items that one should not take with them. Some of the items are acceptable with duty charges and some of them are highly restricted in that sense we have some dutiable list. They are,

  1. Alcohol – In this, the liquor license is very essential and that should be submitted to the respected people. Along with that, people should show them some things,
  • Brand name
  • Brand type
  • Amount
  • Number of bottles
  • Value
  • Etc
  1. Tobacco – There should be some tax and duty types.
  2. Medications – The prescriptions should be submitted and that should be very limited.
  3. Electronic items – That should be taken under the proper documents. So that by checking those stuff they will permit the item.
  4. Authenticity certificate things – Some of the things should be taken under the authenticity by that the people can take the artwork properties, paintings [oil], sculptures, antique items, etc.
  5. Videotapes
  6. Fax machines
  7. Telex machines
  8. Books [ these should have the proper authorization ]
  9. Coats
  10. Fur
  11. Leather shoes

Some of the most essential things can be taken with us for the protection and they will allow those items just after the checking. Because of to prevent the people these strict verification takes place. The other sensible items that we should not take with us are,

  • Meats
  • Dairy products
  • Plant-based products
  • Guns
  • Weapons
  • Ammunition

These items come under the strict rules and the most sensible item list. When one takes the items then this will be under the cyber or defense side cases.

There are some rules to take the pets along with them while migration, in that case, the rules that we have to follow are,

  • The pets are allowed in the air service but they will be not allowed in the passenger area those will be separated from their owners and make them fly.
  • Before the flight, they will be undergone by a microchip or tattoo. This helps the owners to identify their dog or by the respected officers for returning.
  • The most important thing while making pet travel is that they should be above 4 months old. During the customs clearance, the pets will be handed over to them.