Risk Managed By The Income Tax Department

Risk Managed By The Income Tax Department

Taxes laid to the people on the behalf of the income by the people is called the income tax. The income taxes are very from the country to the country. But all the countries are following the tax policy. If one person is getting the factory or industry the yearly income turnover by the factory. Some percentages in that income are to paid to the government as taxes. That taxes are not taken by the government. It gives replacements to the people by the way of the various schemes. The income tax department is shortly called an IT department.

Risk management.

IT Risk Management  the importance factor. It one person is eligible for the taxes paying his income is high but cheat the government not to pay the taxes. These types of people are not using for our countries. So, the income taxes laid rides to the big people in the society. This ride is popularly known as the IT rides.

The team set of the income tax department is the dedication in their fields so they were never trying for cheating. So, they planned to ride that particular big shot. But the risk factor in this ride is the maximum information is going already to that guy who we planned to ride. So, he gets alert and he safeguards all details. This is the main and important problem in the IT sector. There are be some dirty people that they get the salaries from the government and work to some nasty people. Because of them many of them are we get alert.

In my team we have the 5 members contain 3 boys and 2 girls. We worked for nearly 2 months and collected the details to make the ride on the one industry owner. As we planned that day morning the sharp 9.30, we enter the factory. Place the cell phone jammer. With the help of the jammers, the cell phone signals are be arrested within the 2km surroundings. So there are no more calls and messages in the factory. After the shut the main gates. There are 2 gates for the factory. After shuts the gates. The ride starts it has been expanded to 8 hours. Due to the 8 hours of the strict ride. We found that the many lakh and lakhs of the machinery are purchased to the factory uses without showing the proper financing or Bill’s. We hard know that the machinery is bought with the smugglers.

IT Risk Management

And the amount of the 20 cores are not getting to the tally. He fools the government that has not paid the taxes for the past 2 years. Due to him, there is 40 lakhs are losses for the government in till 2 years. I don’t know why they cheat the government to not paid the taxes. Due to these peoples, the government had faced nearly the many cores of losses in one year. So, people must understand that taxes are very important to the economy of the nation. If one country is been best in all sectors the collections the taxes are very important.