Lottery and greed, lucky went failure!

Lottery and greed, lucky went failure!

Many of us like and wish to win the lottery if we have hope with it. If we win in that case we may tell that is the result and the endpoint to all our bad things and stage. But not for all there are positive and negative sides to all the things in this world. This lottery means to some people. Let us see some real-life people who won the lottery and experienced the worst for the rest of their life. You can see the result keluaran HK for more details. This helps you to understand how not to work with money and some tips for how to handle the money after you win your jackpot.

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The luckiest lottery gives the worst results:

Here, we are going to see some of the experiences of the people who won the lottery and leads their life to the worst. Lottery means a lot to many people. Once we win the lottery we can be a millionaire but money makes a man happy as well as worst too. Some of the people are there to point out the example.

Jack Whittaker some people may be heard about him and his life story before and after the jackpot. After he won the jackpot he started doing many good things to the people, gave car with some of the money to the lady who sold him the ticket but greed of others followed him badly, people started asking bits of help and money from the later, and his money was stolen many times by strangers. His famous sank him and his lovable people. His wife left him after all these incidents. He told once in an interview that ‘i should tear that and do my routine’ that was his painful words. Getting jackpot is common but maintaining is notable.

Curtis sharp won the lottery in 1982, as per his wish he becomes a millionaire with the fame of public figures for the lottery. He started doing hard parties, left his wife for getting another marriage, but that marriage was just for five to six years, later he started drinking a lot and lost all the money, he started to borrow money then after an incident of drunk and drive case he learned a lesson and stopped all his bad activities and later he became a minister. Though that money made him bad for his life. But the one thing to be noted is he didn’t stop buying lottery.

Abraham Shakespeare was the one whose life went to an end after he had that jackpot. He was a very normal person with few amounts though his idea of buying lottery without having a backup was a stupid thing that insane had a blast! He won the lottery. After that his real trouble started at that point, he faced many dishonest people in his life, later the one whom he was trusted to safeguard the money was killed him. She pretended that with her boyfriend later on this was identified and charged the case.

These are some failures after jackpot so with all these, we come to know that we should know how to handle money.