H2 Maths Tuition

H2 Maths Tuition

H2 maths is a crucial subject for college kids with aspirations to require university courses like drugs, dentistry, engineering, design and political economy. Topics coated embody functions & graphs, sequences & series, vectors, complicated numbers, calculus, chance and statistics.

Students got to sit for his or her A-Level papers at the tip of biennial study in native pre-university institutes that square measure usually referred to as junior faculties (JC). Subjects square measure tested at a Higher one (H1), Higher two (H2) and better three (H3) levels. This makes JC Math Tuition important so as to attain a lot of H2 maths.

H2 arithmetic

The H2 arithmetic information (H2 Math) is crafted to develop logical and analytical thinking of scholars. This is often to alter them to own a stronger understanding of arithmetic and its real-world application in sciences, engineering and political economy.

JC Math Tuition

Learning H2 Maths acquires the subsequent advantages.

  • Acquire mathematical ideas and skills to arrange for his or her tertiary studies in arithmetic, sciences, engineering and alternative connected disciplines
  • Develop thinking, reasoning, communication and modeling skills through a mathematical approach to problem-solving
  • Connect concepts at intervals arithmetic and apply arithmetic within the contexts of sciences, engineering and alternative connected disciplines
  • Expertise and appreciate the character and sweetness of arithmetic and its worth in life and alternative disciplines.

JC Maths tuition

The JC arithmetic tuition seeks to develop the students’ problem-solving skills and understanding of arithmetic ideas and equations for a stronger presentation of solutions, therefore grading the foremost points.

JC Maths tuition program is intended in an exceeding approach that kinds of queries in every topic are going to be coated extensively. This ensures that students have the best exposure to totally different styles of queries and responsive ways appropriate for every topic. cryptic revision notes square measure provided to assist students recap and perceive the key points per chapter with efficiency.

The current information is concentrated a lot on applying the maths ideas in real-world situations; application primarily based queries for every relevant topic are going to be mentioned at school to assist students higher integrate these ideas with their use in application scenarios

Big problematic chapters like vectors and complicated numbers square measure weakened into easy-to-understand sections with specialized ways devised to tackle the queries.

The innovative teaching methodology conjointly permits students to attach all the topics coated within the H2 arithmetic information along. Students will appreciate and apply the ideas learned in one topic to a different one after they see however they’re all joined and not read every topic as a separate entity.

JC maths information is split into two sections – Section A and Section B


  • Functions and graphs
  • Sequences and series
  • Vectors
  • Introduction to complicated numbers
  • Calculus


  • Probability and Statistics

JC maths examination

The examination papers are going to be set with the idea that candidates can have access to gigahertz. As a general rule, unsupported answers obtained from gigahertz square measure allowed unless the question states otherwise. wherever unsupported answers from gigahertz don’t seem to be allowed, candidates square measure needed to give the mathematical steps victimization mathematical notations and not calculator commands.

For queries wherever graphs square measure accustomed to realize an answer, candidates ought to sketch these graphs as a part of their answers. Incorrect answers while not operating can receive no marks. However, if there’s written proof of victimization gigahertz properly, methodology marks are also awarded. Students ought to remember that their square measure limitations are inherent in gigahertz. For instance, associates were obtained by tracing on a graph to search out the roots of an equation that might not manufacture the specified accuracy.