Great Choices from the Carpet Cleaning Services

Great Choices from the Carpet Cleaning Services

What a pleasure to put your bare feet on your soft carpet but with all the vagaries of life, back and forth and unfortunate stains. Your carpet is no longer as soft and colorful as before. Not to mention the real mite nest it becomes with the accumulation of dust. Do you want to find it like it used to be? Discover our tips and advice for cleaning and caring for your carpet. You can opt for the Westchester carpet cleaning services there.

First of all: Dusting.

The maintenance of a carpet is obligatory and daily by this stage: the vacuum cleaner. In order to remove dust that clumps up over time, vacuum the brush with its brush tip at least 2 times a week. Thus you protect and warn your carpet of possible parasites like mites, beetles which could develop by nesting in the fibers of the carpet.

Warning: if your carpet is new or delicate, avoid vacuuming in brush mode which can be too aggressive. To avoid damaging it, vacuum gently.

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For a good carpet cleaning: white vinegar and washing up liquid

We no longer praise the merits of white vinegar, but this natural product remains the miracle solution for the daily maintenance of the house. It cleanses, purifies and is a great stain remover.

It is therefore obvious that white vinegar is used to clean your carpet. Is the latter stained with all kinds of food like grease, coffee, tea, etc.? It is then time to go out super vinegar, stain remover without peer: pour white vinegar on one of your clean rags, then dab and rub the stain with. Wait a good fifteen minutes, until the miraculous substance takes effect. For the next step, call the faithful dishwashing companion. With a little water, lather the solution as much as possible. You will be able to deposit the mixture on the targeted place and rub it all with a brush or sponge. As the pain disappears the stain, all you have to do is rinse with clear water and let it dry.

Find the original color of your carpet: baking soda and sparkling water

Does your carpet no longer sparkle with its original colors? The solution exists to recover and disinfect everything: sparkling water and baking soda. Using your sponge, soak the carpet in sparkling water and gently scrub with a brush. Wait for your carpet to dry, then pour the baking soda all over it. Leave the bicarbonate to act and as soon as it is dry, vacuum. You can now admire the colors of your dear carpet again.

Use the cleaning foam for a clean carpet

Carpet cleaning sprays and foams are also very effective in cleaning up your carpet. Caution: Protect your hands with gloves. Spray the product on all of your carpet. You can help the foam to penetrate the fibers by pressing with the flat of your hand on the carpet. Leave to act for the time indicated in the instructions for use, then scrub with a brush or a broom. Don’t forget to finish by vacuuming.

To properly remove a stain on a carpet: nothing better than shaving foam.

As an alternative to carpet cleaning foam, you can also use shaving foam. And yes, it’s amazing, but it also makes it possible to remove stains. Apply the thick shaving foam to the entire carpet. Leave it on for at least an hour and scrub vigorously with a brush or a broom and voila.