If there’s one thing which characterises Villais, it’s the fact that they offer you more diverse dresses so that you can find the one which most defines you.

And, if you find that dress which is so “you”, you will have the answer to your next question: Where shall we go on our honeymoon?

Good, well today I’m going to show you a few destinations for a selection of our dresses.


Let’s go!



If you’re the type who gets bored lazing around on the beach for days, you will surely enjoy a more active plan. And… if that’s the case, let me show you a dress from the CALA collection which you might like. It’s short and daring, just like you, are you bold enough to consider the most daring of honeymoons?

How about the legendary ROUTE 66 which crosses the United States?

Climb onto a Harley and visit Chicago, Missouri, Texas, California, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Hollywood and many more, all on two wheels!


Amboy, Kalifornien, USA, Hist. Route 66

But if you still don’t have a motorbike, maybe your destination is AFRICA!

I’m sure that if you choose a honeymoon like this, you like more comfortable dresses which let you move freely.

Go for a dress with a big leg slit, it’s very trendy and it will help you to run away to…

A safari in a 4×4 in Tanzania, a route through the Kilimanjaro, luxury trees to spend nights surrounded by nature in South Africa or see the Great Migration in Kenya surrounded by giraffes and zebras. It’s fantastic!





You may be the type who fancies going to a quiet place and embracing your partner overlooking the crystal-clear waters of a white beach.

Choose a more southern model, specifically, Bahama from the CALA collection. Does that ring a bell?

Pack your bags and head to THE BAHAMAS! Outstanding vegetation, breath-taking waterfalls, a nice beach bar and straight to the beach to kick back in a hammock. How relaxing!





But maybe you prefer to traipse around in search of culture and soak up knowledge. If that’s the case, you will surely find your answers in the Villais collection with classic or cutting-edge touches, as you wish.

If you want something completely new, your destination could be THAILAND. How do you fancy discovering unforgettable scents, intense tastes, incredible animals, ruins or real tribes? It will be perfect!



But if you much prefer the cold and the north… Why not get lost in the NORWEGIAN FJORDS?

Think about it: Enjoy the untouched nature, truly magical forests, visit the biggest prehistoric glacier in Europe, look out for northern lights or climb to the top of a mountain with views over the Aurlandsfjord. You can’t wait, right?

One thing’s for sure, you’ll need a long-sleeved dress if the cold gets to you, how about this one?





And… finally, we’re going to explore large cities, to discover, visit and traipse around. This time we propose two dresses for the most cosmopolitan of brides from… Of course! The Cosmo City Bride Collection!

We’ll start with a marvellous city which is cosmopolitan, the protagonist of millions of films and one which we have all dreamed of visiting, NEW YORK!

Take a panoramic tour by helicopter to see it from above, visit the Big Apple, stroll down Fifth Avenue looking for museums and shopping destinations, let Times Square blow your mind or cross Central Park by bicycle.

You will surely look perfect in a dress which highlights your figure and is hot on the heels of the latest trends set by the great city.



And if you can’t decide on just one city, why not choose several?

How do you fancy a TOUR OF EUROPE? Paris, Rome, Venice, Vienna and Berlin. Cities with a splendid charm which are very romantic and full of history. It’s perfect!

Here, your style could be a dress with a romantic back like Paris and Venice, with a classic touch like Venice, but one that people like you, who love visiting places, feel comfortable wearing. Spectacular!




I truly hope that you have enjoyed this journey to different places around the world with our most representative dresses.

But, remember: you can also choose a short dress to wear on your honeymoon to Venice or one which is classic and voluminous in South Africa. To each their own!


Now it’s your turn, what’s your ideal dress for your honeymoon?

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