Cold, snow, coats and… A WINTER WEDDING!

We always tend to associate weddings with the months from May to October.

But… What about winter? Why not make the most of the white blanket of snow in order to celebrate your day?

Take a risk and find that difference which will make all of your guests remember that day more than any other. Seek out your special wedding, with a lot of personality, which is out of the ordinary and which, of course, has a stamp on it, your stamp!

And, of course, there’s nothing more personal and different than… A wedding in the cold!

If Olivia Palermo or Ana Boyer opted for this season, why not you?

Take advantage of a day during the Christmas holidays which would be ideal for getting all of your family and friends together, or a long weekend when you are all available.

Just imagine the atmosphere that you could create: You’d be the snow queen in surroundings glistening with fairy lights or candles all around you. It’s ideal!


So… Let’s get started!


If you’re worried about surviving the cold… That’s simple!

Any of the stunning dresses from the Villais or Cosmo collections will go perfectly due to their full skirts and layers. The trick is adding a cape or a stole, thick tights and some lovely velvet shoes. Although you don’t need to wrap up completely, just think, what with your excitement and the hustle and bustle, you’ll soon warm up.

If you manage to make the coats or capes part of the ceremony like people do with fans in the summer, you’ll have triumphed!

For this occasion, I would avoid a long veil so as not to get it dirty and I’d add a special touch with dried flowers or jewelled tiaras which will be stupendous.




To make your photographs stand out in the cold surroundings, I would choose white and bright tones or some beige for the stole. Try to use only light tones to stand out more!

Now you’re asking yourself: Fine, but where should I hold it? And how?


I propose two ideas:

On one hand, a great idea would be to choose a welcoming and elegant room with frozen and unusual decoration. I think that it will be key in order to create a beautiful atmosphere and, that way, you won’t be cold. Also, just think that it will be much more economical at this time of year than in the middle of the wedding season.




I reserve the second option for the most daring who want to really make the most of the winter and opt for celebrating their wedding outside amongst nature. For example, in the  Sierra de Gredos.



If you play around with torches, candles, cushions or coats, it will be splendid. There’s a multitude of decorative elements to combat the cold, you simply need to think about it and throw yourself into it!

What’s more, you could use the opportunity to give out blankets or beautiful scarves instead of the normal gifts that have become so tiresome.

Don’t forget to make the cloakroom an important element so that your guests can store their coats. It should be large and well signposted so that everybody knows where it is.

Of course, never forget the flowers. They always help to create a welcoming and pretty atmosphere. Simply opt for soft colours and dried bouquets.



For the banquette, wintrier dishes which take inspiration from the season will be more entertaining. They will be welcomed and will add continuity to the atmosphere of the wedding.

Fallen leaves, artificial snow, logs and pine cones can also be used for decoration.

They’ll add a magical and romantic touch to the day.





And to make it all more current, you can also create a selfie area with the ideas from Calista One.

In this case, it should be a space which fully encompasses the Nordic style, so that your guests take the best photographs and remember the winter wedding as the breakthrough idea of the momento.

Of course, it’ll be splendid to accompany it with a personalised hashtag so that you have all of the photos from your wedding within your reach. Like… #TheWinterWeddingOfTheMoment #VeryColdVeryWedding #ABlanketAndLetsGetMarried…



And, if that’s not enough, you can also create a food corner, that is to say, a special place for your guests to have a snack at any given time, such as a delicious hot chocolate with some cakes or… Christmas puddings!



Now that you’ve seen these basic tips for your cold wedding… What do you say?


Are you willing to take a risk and break all of the wedding rules in favour of something new and different?


Tell us what you think!

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