Winter. Why Not?

Winter is almost upon us. Most brides tend to think it is not a good season for a wedding. Let me tell you a secret: every season has its charm… if you know how to pull its potential ?

Winter weddings are filled with upsides. It’s much easier to find the perfect spot in which to get married (whether it’s a church or somewhere else). Most of the venues are open and you won’t have a problem to pick a date. The same goes for the banquet venue. One of the aspects you need to pay attention to is the timetable since it gets dark sooner. I prefer weddings that take advantage of sunlight. Winter sunlight makes everything shine and that way you can stretch the day a bit longer ;).

Focus on these two important aspects for your winter wedding: dress and decoration. Here are some tips for those things unforgettable for you and your guests (I promise no one will remember the cold).

villais winter

Your Dress

First thing is to choose the right dress for these conditions. We already talked about how a long sleeve dress would be a perfect choice. Wear it with a coat and gloves and there you have it: an A+ look.

villais winter


Always use flowers in season. One of my favorite are pansies. But there are plenty of other options. Flowers will add that color touch you seek. Use them in your bouquet and to decorate the ceremony and banquet venues.

villais winter

Wood is always a winner choice. Use a log as a centerpiece and vases filled with pinecones. Every small detail will make your W-day be unique and special.

villais winter

Winter weddings give you a chance to think out of the box and very few brides end up betting on them. I really hope these advice will make you change your mind. A bit of imagination will make any time of the year the perfect time to get married so, why not winter?

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