What’s our grade for Interbride Düsseldorf Fair? A+

I’m ecstatic! Our stay at INTERBRIDE International Fashion Fair Düsseldorf was a huge success in all fronts.

We were in Düsseldorf from the 27th to the 30th of May. Do you know what our work at the fair consists in? It’s a showroom on which we unveil our latest collections to each client in an individual session. That way we are 100 percent with every person. They come and pick their favorite dresses. Our models wear them and show the clients the movement of the dress. Once the see the dresses in action the put in the orders for their boutiques.

Feria Interbride - Modelo

This year has been a huge success! Our sales have skyrocketed in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. The latest collections for Villais, Cala and Cosmo City Bride received a warm welcome. I’m bursting with happiness! I enjoy thinking that at any place in the world a bride can pick one of my designs for her wedding dress. It’s a rare feeling. This increase in foreign sales adds to the increase in Spain where we also saw the figures rise. It all turned out perfectly.

In addition to that, the German TV program “Zwischen Tüll und Tränen” and the Swedish magazine “Brollöps” paid us a visit and got a glimpse of our work and efforts (I’ll tell you more about it in coming articles).

This is truly an insuperable beginning of June. I hope I can transmit some of this joy to you. Hugs and kisses! Be #CustomMade

Entrevista de la revista sueca “Brollöps” a Jose Antonio Villaverde

la revista sueca “Brollöps”

Entrevista televisión alemana “Zwischen Tüll und Tränen”

Entrevista en la Feria Interbride
Feria en Dusseldorf

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