Wedding Veils and How to Wear Them

Some brides choose not to wear a veil on their wedding day and wear a headdress or jewels instead. However if you have decided to wear one I’ve got some tips so you can choose the one that fits your look and dress better.

Veils seemed like a thing of the past on their way out of bridal fashion but as it usually happens… they are coming back!

Trends are a volatile thing that come and go. Today a good number of brides decide to bring back this traditional accessory that brings a special, romantic and mysterious touch to their look.

Brides include veils as a central part of their look although they tend not to cover their faces with it and just attach it to their hair or updo.

The range of options is significantly wide due to the different types of veils available:

– Simple, with decorations, lace edgings, natural silk, tulle…




The possibilities don’t end there. The different ways a bride can wear the veil adds ever more options:

– Over or under their updo, over or under the headdress…




A very important detail you must consider before you make a decision on your veil is that it must be perfectly integrated and matched with the colour of your dress and the pattern of the dress through lace edgings or embroideries.

I sincerely hope these tips help you pick the perfect veil for your look, style and dress. Don’t hesitate and ask if you have any further questions about veils. I’ll be glad to help.

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