Finally! a wedding dress collection for urban and cosmopolitan women

You can’t imagine how happy I am to launch a new collection. We it came to creating the Cosmo City Brides collection I took inspiration on urban and cosmopolitan women, all those women who know what they want and seek a different kind of dress far from the romantic and bohemian style.

There have always been dresses like that in my previous collections but the next step was to dedicate a full collection to that particular design style. They are designs inspired by cities all around the world, different cultures and lifestyles adapted to the Western bridal tradition on which we have always excelled.

Colección Cosmo

On Cosmo City Brides we payed attention to all the small details as it’s always been essential for us in Villais in order to make every piece unique and exclusive. These dresses have an identity of their own. Custom Made dresses

You know my motto: “there’s not such a thing as a perfect wedding dress, just the perfect one for you”. The key resides on picking the one that sweeps you off your feet. The one that makes you feel special and ready to enjoy your big day. I sincerely believe Cosmo City Brides is the right collection if you consider yourself a modern, city loving, travelling, social kind of woman.

The result makes Cosmo City Brides a collection of dresses with a modern, sophisticated and daring touch. A collection that aims to highlight the bride’s personality. All of it with the top guarantee of a Made in Spain collection.

Some Cosmo models

Now that you’ve seen it, what do you think about it? I really hope you see a bit of yourself in it, in all that hides behind it, the design work, the research. Because every woman is different and unique and so has to be their wedding dress. My hardest challenge is to be able to make you feel comfortable and happy on your wedding day.

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