Today I’m truly happy. And, do you why? Because I’m blessed to be able to shout from the roof tops that I love my job. I love designing.

I love imaging how the new dresses would look like on you. I love creating different styles of dresses, so you can look for the dress which you feel completely comfortable on your special weeding day. It’s an incredible feeling! But, if creating them makes me happy… Imagine how I feel when I look at you wearing them!

Patricia, from Ponferrada, is the responsible of this overflowing happiness. Wait, don’t go away! I’m going to tell you the story! Patricia was seeking a fresh style. Kind of informal and, of course, without a train.

Her wedding must be surrounded by a natural environment, and thus she needed a lightweight and flowing fabric. Something different! Once she had a clear idea, she went to Godët, a shop in Ponferrada that we are so fortunate to collaborate with in order to sell our Villais dresses. And the miracle occurs! Patricia found her dress. It was as she imagined. She dreamed about wearing a natural, simple but elegant wedding dress.

A dream materialized in … a Villais dress! And … here is the result!


Considering all clues that I’ve given you, would be able to tell me which Villais collection the dress belongs to?



YES! It belongs to the LOVE collection! In particular, to the model 171806And these little stories make me feel so happy at work. Patricia got the dress of her dreams and, both the Villais and the Goët team are delighted that she has trusted us.


Nature inspired wedding, more casual. Both in the landscape and accessories chosen by our bride to add a perfect touch.


Thank you very much to our beautiful couple! But also to you all, because you are the soul of Villais!


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