Villais Guide to: which dress to choose for big or small breasts

Sometimes finding the perfect wedding dress can become an exhausting odyssey, doesn’t it? That’s why I want to help you make it easier. Today I’ll give you some tips on the ideal dress depending on the size of your breasts.

First things first: there’s no such thing as a perfect body. Looking good in front of a mirror depends heavily on knowing some tricks to turn your complexion into your ally instead of your enemy.




Do you have small breasts? Let’s see which type of neckline adapts better to your body shape.

Halter Neckline



Square Neckline



Boat Neckline



Using some of this necklines you’ll create the illusion of a bigger chest.

Extra Tips


You can also add a pushup bra to the combination. But remember it must be in a flesh tone, seamless and your dress shouldn’t allow it to be seen.

Another way to get some extra volume adding applications, details, texture or motifs to the bodice of your dress.

Therefore stay away from straight strapless dresses or even the ones with thin straps.

And if you feel like wearing some print or decoration I recommend you use some kind of simple embroidering. The more you fill the top part of your dress with elements, colour and motifs the higher volume you’ll add to your chest.




If your case is the opposite and you have big breasts don’t worry. Follow these tips and you’ll be gorgeous.

The most favoring necklines for big breasted women are v-neck but those aren’t your only option.




Dresses tied to the neck are a great support for your breasts and dissimulate their size. A strapless dress is also a good choice.




Strapless / Sweetheart



Stay away from closed or high necklines like square, boat or sweetheart since they won’t adapt to your body.

The Perfect Shade


The print and shades of the dress are to be considered as well.

In order to hit bullseye avoid flawless white and steer towards champaigne, beige or nude tones or even very light pinks.


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