Villais at the Barcelona Bridal Week

bcn bridal week

I anticipated this date for a long time. We’re going to the Barcelona Bridal Week! The whole Villais Team will attend this season’s first big show in bridal fashion. We wouldn’t miss it for the world because it gives us a chance to soak in the latest trends and our sector’s news.

Everything is spectacular in here: lots of people show an interest in your work and ask extremely specific questions about it. There’s also the undercover work of the competition trying to learn your tricks and secrets. It’s a fun place to be so I always recommend it to all my colleagues.

bcn bridal week

You can find us in stand B231 all weekend long. Imagine the number of companies showing their work here from international brands to small and exclusive design studies.  This is a great opportunity to learn from each and everyone of them.

It’s impressive to see how big firms work and how they navigate international markets and trends although you get a different and quality expertise from small ones. It’s their essence I admire and it helps me get inspiration and drive to keep working in the journey of designing the best bridal gown possible regardless fleeting trends.

Barcelona Bridal Week is a must go show for us professionals, even more because we all premiere our new 2016 collections here. A year’s work submitted to critics, comments and hopefully the first round of applause. I’m soooo excited!

You wouldn’t even imagine the emotional turmoil we go through these days. But the privilege of doing what you love the most everyday makes up for it, specially when you get to do it surrounded by the team of passionate professionals I’ve come to call the Villais Family. We’ll try to get the most out of the experience and tell you guys all about it once we get back from Barcelona.

See you online, friends!

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