Tips for a Custom Made Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. What a great weekend to spend as a couple together and happy ?. Have you planned anything? Come on! Take a head start from your partner and create a Custom Made Valentine’s Day. No need to go outside. Here’s what I have prepared for you:

Turn your home into a Spa

Why not? Draw a bath with salts and scents. Light up some candles and pour a couple of sparkling wine. Play a romantic relaxing playlist. There are thousands! Here’s my recommendation: . Hit play, sit back and enjoy.

Valentine’s Day

Massages for two

Surprise your couple with a relaxing massage. Set up a massage parlour’s decoration in your bedroom. Dim the lights and light up some incense and candles. Get your hands on a scented massage oil kit and get to work. Remember not to go near the spine. Also remember to make it a two way street ?

Valentine’s Day

Romantic dinner

Plenty of options here. It all depends on your food preferences. I love Japanese food. Try dividing the work. For example, buy all the necessary ingredients for sushi: rice, nori seaweed, a rolling mat and the stuffing of your liking. One can cook the sushi while the other one prepares a delicious chicken curry. Marinate everything with a tasty wine. Perfect! Cooking together and then eating. It doesn’t get more romantic than that 🙂

Valentine’s Day

Netflix and chill

After the dinner go straight to your couch or bed, get under the blankets with a big bowl of popcorn and play a super romantic movie like Love Actually, The Notebook or The Bridges of Madison County… Pick your favorite!

Valentine’s Day

As you can see there’s no need to gout to live a romantic Valentine’s Day. You just need a bit of imagination and the will to show your loved one how much you love them. Oh! I almost forgot it! Roses are a must. And so is an “I Love You”  🙂

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