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Before you choose your wedding dress you need to stop and ask yourself what it is that you want from it. In order to answer this question you also need to know what you want to achieve.

Accentuating curves: Choose soft and light fabrics to fit your figure and go with the movement.

Concealing curves: If your goal is to model a specific part of your body you need to pick heavier fabrics to give shape and focus attention in your strong points.

Short brides: Go for a simple dress to avoid the excess of adornments from shortening your figure. Keep clear of shoulder pads and puffy sleeves and choose one-piece dresses to boost optical continuity.

Tall brides: Puffy skirts and V-shaped waistlines will add volume and help hiding your height. Low cut and strapless necklines are the best ones for you.

Tall thin brides: Your figure allows you to wear any kind of dress but you need to keep an eye on not looking too tall and curveless. Give a chance to more pronounced necklines and wavy sleeves.

Thin brides: Avoid tight models that show your thinness and choose heavier fabrics. Puffy skirts with a tight fit favor you.

Concealing hips: The best strategy to hide the lower part of the body is to drive all the attention to the top part using A-line dresses.

Looking thinner: In order to look thinner choose tight fitting dresses to define your waistline. Princess style or A-line dresses are ideal for you. Avoid excessive ornaments and fabrics superposition that far from detracting volume, will add it. Vertical, inverted draped waistbands (in V-shape) either downwards or in slight diagonal will elongate and thin up your figure.

Broad back: Floaty skirts with fullness in princess style or A-line are your best choice. The sleeves must be short and simple. Avoid draped fabrics and anything that could add volume to the top section.

In conclusion, you need to consider your character to opt for one dress or another. You must feel comfortable in it and wear it as a second skin. The dress has to match the hairdo, make up and the bridal bouquet so always think of all the parts as whole. Making the right choice is all about enjoying the process, avoiding haste and keeping a smile through the whole experience because your smile might end up being the best part of your dress. Here atVillais, a great team of bridal design professional awaits to help you make the perfect decision.

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