Don’t you know what to wear for Saint Valentine’s yet? Don’t worry! Here, I suggest some ideas and different styles for such a special day.

If you’re considering a sophisticated outfit, I recommend long dresses with tailored body and romantic skirts or dresses with pencil skirt, this winter must-haves. Another option is to wear a lingerie style dress with a blazer in a different colour.
If you choose a more casual style, a safe bet is a top, a blouse or a lingerie style shirt and a blazer. You can combine them in infinite ways! For example, a pair of skinny black jeans with a white blouse and a red blazer, what do you think?
And don’t forget to use Saint Valentine’s fetish colours in your outfit: red, white and black, you can combine them with golden or silver earrings or bracelets.
Everything is ready for a perfect evening!!

San Valentín Villais
San Valentín Villais
San Valentín Villais

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