And the neckline of my wedding dress is…

There are so many aspects to evaluate on a wedding dress. One of them is the type of neckline you are looking for. You may find several options to choose the one that adapts better to your chest.

Here’s a list of the different styles of necklines so you can compare. And in case you need any more help, don’t hesitate and ask me!


1 Sweetheart

This neckline forms a heart shape and shows your naked shoulders. It’s perfect for wide skirts and provides a romantic and traditional style to a wedding dress.



2 Strapless

Its main feature is the lack of straps or suspender elements. One could say it’s one of the most traditional necklines there are.



3 V-Neck

The name is pretty self explanatory: it’s shaped like the letter “V”. It helps slimming women’s figure and it’s perfect for brides with short, wide neck and an abundant bust.



4 Boatline

It describes a straight or curved line from shoulder to shoulder really close to the neck, same height as the shoulders. A very discreet option.



5 Low boatline

It’s very similar to the regular boatline but it fits lower, by the medium part of the chest and leaves a naked back and part of the upper arm.



6 Square

Again, very self explanatory. A very good choice for brides with a modest chest as it creates an illusion of volume.



7 Round neckline

A very simple style that combines perfectly with every type of skirt. It’s very becoming for all body shapes, specially for women with abundant chest since its lack of depth helps dissimulate that part of the body.



8 Asymmetrical

It leaves one of the shoulders naked and can be used with different kinds of sleeves or a long strip.



9 High neckline

I really recommend this one for women with long, thin necks and modest chest. If your body looks like that you’re lucky: no every woman can pull it off.



10 Queen Anne Neckline

Extremely formal neckline. It goes around the back of the head both in front and on the back. It’s a very deep neckline that can end like the sweetheart, the V-Neck or the asymmetrical ones.



11 Halter

A very sensual line that leaves naked back, shoulders and arms. It has depth and ends like a V-Neckline.



12 Fake Neckline

As you can imagine it’s not a real neckline. It’s actually made with an embroidered piece of fabric exquisitely overlapped with the original neckline (that could be any onf the lines we’ve already seen). Lace, pearls and sequins can be used as ornaments.




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