You’re getting married! It’s great! And then you start to think…you can’t take it out of your mind…How will my gown be? What do I really want? I’ll help you!

One of the most important aspects to take into account is the kind of neckline you want for your Dress. For example, one of brides’ favourite is the strapless gown. It’s simple, elegant and modest. And if you combine it with a bolero jacket, it’s perfect!
The boat neck rests along the shoulder points revealing the collar bone. It looks good on every size. If you don’t want to show the whole arm, this is the perfect neckline for you. On the other hand, the V-neck leaves part of the shoulders uncovered, it stylizes the figure and helps to make the shoulders broader and reduces the waist.
Finally, you can use a halter neck which is fastened behind the neck leaving the back, shoulders and arms bare. It’s very sexy! One last tip, if you put your hair up, you’ll look astonishing!

neckline villais

1. Modelo Roque: escote halter
2. Modelo Rehali: escote barco
3. Modelo Rin: escote palabra de honor
4. Modelo Rafel: escote en forma de pico

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