Test Villais: Lorena Calabuig from Eventos Clandestine

Eventos Clandestine

New Test Villais! I really love to know your opinions and favorite trends. It helps me alot with my work. Thanks a lot for the support!

Today we have a talk with Lorena Calabuig Embiz from Eventos Clandestine. I like everything she does! In addition we share the same philosophy: “be yourself is what makes you different”. She creates unique, customized and very special events or in a word, #CustomMade.

Eventos Clandestine

We emailed Lorena because her point of view is very relevant for us. Read her answers below.

1. First things first. Your dream wedding takes place… in daytime or nighttime?
Daytime without a doubt but it can depend on the time of year.

2. ¿Spring, summer, autumn or winter?
Autumn and spring, but each year we like winter more and more.

3. Some of the most spectacular weddings of these past months had a full sleeve wedding as the star. What’s your take on that? Yes or no to full sleeve bridal gowns?
Full sleeve is feature that must look good in order to wear, not every sleeve fits with every body so it’s a matter of what looks good on you. A bride is spectacular when she decides well or is properly advised.

4. White will always be white, the color of brides. Is it changing or will it still be the most chosen color?
We think white will prevail as brides’ favorite since it has several shades that adapt to every skin shade, hair color and so on…

But more brides are making their bet on other colors like rosy tones, greens or dark brown. Those are the ones we get asked for more and more.

5. What item can never be missing from a bride’s wedding day emergency kit?
A sewing kit, of course, along with safety pins, band aids, pain relieving insoles or comfortable footwear and makeup.

6. Bachelorette party with friends or with your couple? 😉
Well, it depends on the plan. If it’s with friends we would recommend beauty sessions, a spa appointment and dinner or even a relaxing weekend in a nice rural hotel getting ready for the big day.

Eventos Clandestine

7. Time for one of the most sensitive decisions for brides: the hairstyle: updo, braids, down? Which one do you prefer?
We always choose the most natural option for each bride, whatever she feels comfortable wearing while still looking great. We really like semi-updos.

8. Headdresses?
Of course! Why not? We love daring brides that look for something different.

9. Would you say veils would still be a trend on 2016 dresses?
Classics never die but we’d go for a risky one with a hint of color.

10. Who is the designer that left a bigger mark on you?
We wouldn’t be able to pick just one but we love Helena Mareque’s style.

11. A trend for 2016 no one should miss on their wedding…
Two piece dresses in minimal style.

12. Pick a dress from Villais or CALA…
From the Villais Collection we pick Tarso and form CALA we love model Hawaii

Eventos Clandestine

Thanks a lot, Lorena! It’s been great to read your opinions about the wonderful world of weddings. Discover all they have to offer on their website eventosclandestine.com. You are going to love it!
Be #CustomMade


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