Survival Kit for Brides

Your big day is here! Your wedding takes place tomorrow. Everything is under control, double checked and ready to be perfect. But still, just in case, a person you trust (like your best friend or a sibling) should keep a survival kit at reach with all you may need in case of an emergency. I cross my fingers so that it won’t happen but better safe than sorry ?


As you are walking down the aisle tears may cover your face. No problem! That person can take out a cotton ball from up their sleeve and avoid your makeup from flaking. Already too late? Your kit contains blusher and mascara so you can solve it instantly.

If your lips lost some of their color during the banquet your savior will come with a brand new lipstick! You’ll be stunning all day long as you can see.

Survival Kit for Brides


Oh no! A lock of hair just decided to go out of its place in your magnificent hairdo! Don’t lose your cool. You know you put some hairpins that will make that otherwise dramatic situation just another anecdote from a fantastic day.

Flat Pumps

For how many hours have you been dancing? Your feet just said “enough”. Take off your heels without losing any of the beauty of your look. Take the gorgeous flat pumps out of your kit and keep dancing!!

Survival Kit for Brides

Ibuprofen / Band aids

Don’t let a headache ruin your day? Your kit should carry ibuprofen. Say goodbye to that annoying headache.

It’s also very common thing for your shoes to cause blisters and pain. Don’t worry. Just use some of the band aids or pain relieving patches from your kit… Smart girl!


I hope it doesn’t, but what if there is a sudden change of weather? Don’t doubt it and put a jacket ready. Even if it’s only for the trip from the ceremony to the banquet. More oo you can use it to add some extra color or some edge to your look.

I want your wedding to be a perfect, wonderful and once-in-a-lifetime special day. Take my advice. Don’t forget to put all these things in your kit! ?

Survival Kit for Brides




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