Spring Weddings

Winter is still alive and kicking but I’m already planning your Spring Wedding. Every detail needs to be taken care of before your wedding day. However you may have some doubts regarding your dress: will it be chilly or hot? So here go some tips so your day is a success regardless the weather.

Spring ceremonies are stunning: trees are blossoming with the first shades of their flowers’ colours and the weather usually ends up ‘behaving’. Still you need to be cautious. My recommendation is to choose a jacket to complete your dress. You may not need it but it’s better to have it just in case 🙂 The model Tilos from CALA or the Sybil from the Romantic Collection are just ideales for that season.

Romantic Sybil

In case you are sensitive to cold my choice for you would be a full sleeve model or at least a three quarter length sleeve model. Throw a jacket over it and you will be both perfect and hot.

We already have a couple options for the dress. Now it’s shoe-time (pun intended). Comfort is the new trend. Try and imagine that day’s frenzy: photo sessions, dances, walks… Comfort is your new motto. It could also be the road to adding colour to your wedding.


If you’re aiming for the A+, you’ll need a great hairdo. An updo with a flower headband is a sure bet. It’s modern, youthful and goes well with the season. Another option is a double French braid into a central one: classic yet elegant.


Independent on how many tips and options I present to you remember the final choice is yours. Your wedding, your rules. You are the bride, you are the boss. A #CustomMade bride.

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