I’m designing the new collection and I’m so excited!! One of the first questions that comee to my mind is: “What style do I choose? Empire? Column? A-Line? There are so many…Didn’t you know it? Of course there are! Let’s find the perfect one for you!!
One of my favourite is the Empire style; it has a high waistline and the seam is just underneath the bust and the fabric below the waist falls gracefully to the floor. It’s perfect for V-necks or halter. You’ll look perfect!! (1.RABI)
On the other hand, you can select a style which shows your figure (2.RUNA). Within this style there are different models: some hug the body till the knee where they begin to flair (3. RESMA) or others have a fitted bodice and a long flowing skirt.
Lastly, A-Line is also a good choice (it’s called like that because the dress’ form resembles a capital A) It may have sleeves or not and it also admits many different necklines. The A-line dress features a shape that is fitted around the bodice and flows out to the ground; the dress flows fluidly from the bust to the hem. (4. SAFARI)
There are many styles, classic, princess, etc and many others. As you can see there is a wide range of styles for being the centerpiece of your wedding day.

runa rabi safari resma

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