Next station: Interbride (Düsseldorf)


Next station? Germany! June 6th through June 9th we’ll be in Interbride Düsseldorf premiering our brand new 2016 collections, possibly one of the finest bridal fashion show in Germany.

Had anybody told me some years ago that our gowns would be welcomed in such a great way in that country I wouldn’t had believed it. Much less that the most liked collection would be CALA Brides from Ibiza since it’s a warm, creative and out of the box line of dresses that escape from classicism.


Could you imagine German brides deciding to wear gowns like CALA? I couldn’t, to be honest. And the truth is I can only be thankful for that along with our distributors hospitality always solicitous and open to receiving new proposals.

And that is why we are so eager for tomorrow to come, show our new work and see what the reaction is. I am sure they are going to love next year’s collection since they loved the previous one 🙂


All our dresses are 100 percent Spanish from design to manufacturing. Fashion from Spain is one of world’s most relevant and respected so it is an honor for us to share our origins with great brands. Germans sure know what distinction means and that is why Villais and CALA raise so much interest.

See you all in Düsseldorf! We’ll wait for you there!


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