villais 2016

Finally! After so much work in the past weeks… Here it is! Our Villais Custom Made Brides 2016 Collection. You couldn’t imagine the joy I feel to be able to show you our newest collections one more year.

I always try to reinvent myself and aim towards surprising the brides, because if I always did the same kind of dress it’d be boring. It’s something that’s become a part of our personality and we want to keep doing it in the future: launch very different collections every year. We keep the essence and our identity but we change everything else ?

We are going to be maintaining two separate lines inside the Villais Collection: Romantic and Couture.

villais tejo

In the Romantic line I worked to create a-thousand-layered dresses with tulle to build magical and romantic atmospheres as you can appreciate in the Tejo or Trato models. In this collection we wanted to play with volumes with dresses that accentuate the bodyline and silk tulle layers below the hips to gain movement on the skirt. Tarifa is a good example of it. You can also find mermaid style dresses that insinuate more curves like the Tabú dress.

villais tabu

The Couture line was inspired by the haute couture main designers while maintaining the essence of our brand so we designed plain and elegant gowns made with mikado as you can see on the models Tea or Tálamo. These dresses carry long detachable trains with the hint of colour provided by nude silk and fine crystal and embroidered motifs.

villais talamo

Two different collections sharing the same goal: making you feel special in such a big and unforgettable occasion as your wedding day. I’d love you to take a look to all the models on the website and pick your favorite. If you got married tomorrow… which one would you wear?


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